12-Week A New-Start to Wellness
(12) 30-45 minute sessions

Group Coaching Plans: 5-10 participants per CO-HORT
*If you enroll as part of the CO-HORT $297 per person


*Individual plan available $597 per person


If you’re like most people, you’ve tried many different methods, tried the “in” diets and every quick fix that’s out there with little to no success. If you’re self-conscious in that bathing suit…if you’re lacking motivation because nothing else has worked….if you want greater self-esteem and better relationships with yourself, others and food, then here’s what we have for you.

In this 12-Week program, you will learn your numbers, understand how your body functions and change the mindset that contributed to your unhealthy behavior / habits. You will learn the skills to finally make long-term changes to your lifestyle to bring results and behaviors that lasts a lifetime. Our formula is designed to change your life. 

• Uncover your current and past health history, habits, activity level and any deviations and imbalances that are contributing to your current state.
• We will work with you to Design a results driven interactive plan to help you achieve your goals. 
• We will prepare you to press “Play” and Execute your plan for success. 

Each week you will get new information and assignments to keep you focused on your journey.  You will receive community and group support from your coach and other participants to get new ideas, motivation to stay on track or just hear a positive word.

CO-HORT I = Starts January
CO-HORT II = Starts April
CO-HORT III = Starts July
CO-HORT IV = Starts October

One-on-One Coaching Plans

Customized plans to meet your needs.
(Available on-line & in-person) 90 Day, 6 Month and 9 Month programs available.

Our one-on-one plans are customized to meet your specific needs. We focus on teaching and supporting you to become self-sufficient by observing your unique responses to lifestyle adjustments and choosing behaviors that work for you, in the long term. Because your concerns, obstacles, physiology and goals are unique to you, so is the program we will design together.  
Request a discovery call so we can talk about your goals and determine if coaching is right for you. 

90 Minute EmPower Session  $95

This quick solution session allows you to identify your triggering event / situation and develop quick wins and solutions to help you move forward.


60-75 Minute Quick Decision Session / Maintenance Session $75

This 60-75 minute session allows you to check in to discuss an important decision or brainstorm with a coach.


6 Week Back on Track Program: $480
(6) 45-60 minute Sessions

If you’ve put yourself on the back burner for a few years taking care of life or family or getting yourself established in a career that you forgot about yourself then the “BACK ON TRACK”Program will help you take advantage of the small pockets of free time you have during the day to change and create habits, start eating right without starvation, strict rules or restriction and challenging yourself with consistent exercise and self-care regimens.