Health & Wellness is often understood as the absence of diseases or mental health related sicknesses.  Health & Wellness is sustained by eight pillars: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Financial, and Environmental. These eight pillars will give a sense of how to work towards optimal wellness.  The path to wellness is not one-size-fit-all. The journey is unique and different for each individual.

Your Self-Care Dare coach is your guide, mentor, and accountability partner. We focus on teaching and supporting you to become self-sufficient by observing your unique responses to lifestyle adjustments and choosing behaviors that work for you, in the long term. Because your concerns, obstacles, physiology and goals are unique to you, so is the program we will design together.

A Health & Wellness Coach provides a complement to traditional health care by offering education in:

  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Exercise
  • Mental / Emotional Health
  • Lifestyle changes / behavior

We offer one-on-one coaching for our clients. The initial appointment lasts 60 minutes and includes in-depth discussions around your top health concerns. Based on your input, we create a customized action plan targeting those specific areas to help you reach — and maintain — your goals. We also offer on-going support via 30 minute follow up appointments and online resources.

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